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MedSat v1.1 is released. MedSat is GUI for Mednafen emulator (beginning with the x64 version or later). This frontend supports only Sega Saturn system!

Main features:
- Support for the list of games.
- Support the profiles for each game (loading / saving).
- Ability to run games with the keeping pixel aspect ratio and widescreen (16:9).
- Multilanguage support (English / Russian). Other languages can be added by editing the external resources.
- Skins support.

MedSat v1.1 Changelog:
- Fixed an issue when choosing a CD image, that's already open by another application.
- Added "Fullscreen mode" option.
- Fixed definition of scanlines options.
- Added new system messages.
- Added blocking popup menu item "Clear list", if current games list is empty.
- Russian language support.
- Skins support.

Download: MedSat v1.1

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