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EmuCR:Emu64 Emu64 v5.0.13 is released. Emu64 is a Commodore 64 Emulator on the Windows/DOS platform.

Emu64 v5.0.13 Changelog:
* FileBrowser updated window for floppy, Datasette and cartridge
* Delete in the FileBrowser is now possible
* Courtesy of style64.org, C64_Pro-STYLE.ttf is now used for the DiskImage Inahltanzeigen.
* automatically hide the pointer about the C64 Bildschirm.Die time is adjustable
* The position and size of the C64 screen is located at the end now also noted and restored on next startup
* New graphics for the joystick solution, inserted by Selmiak
* Datasetten functionality were now completely ported
* Sound buffer was doubled
* FIXED BUG #47: at the end of the Setup window now also an open joystick mapping window is closed
* FIXED BUG #72: After the start should the C64 screen now always in the foreground to be
* BUGFIX #76: the status of the floppy disk icon window works again
* FIXED BUG #78: file name should now be sorted (update also helps)

Download: Emu64 v5.0.13 x86
Download: Emu64 v5.0.13 x64

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