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Ep128Emu v2.0.10 is released. Ep128Emu is an Enterprise 128 computer emulator for Windows.

Ep128Emu v2.0.9 Changelog:
– implemented mouse (EnterMice) support in the Enterprise emulation
– when loading a snapshot from the command line, the machine type is autodetected from the file if not specified
– window icons have been implemented on non-Windows platforms if the emulator is built with FLTK 1.3.3 or newer
– on the Enterprise and CPC, the external joysticks can now have a second and third fire button, configured as keys 0x75-0x76 (EXT1) and 0x7D-0x7E (EXT2)
– more accurate emulation of NICK port reading and floating data bus
– improved timing accuracy of NICK and DAVE port I/O (this may break compatibility with some demo files recorded with older versions)
– implemented EXOS function 10 (set and read channel status) in the FILE: device and epfileio.rom
– screenshots are saved in PNG format instead of BMP
– new Lua functions: writeROM(), writeWordROM(), and loadROMSegment()
– building with Lua 5.2 or 5.3 is now supported
– added support for building 64-bit Windows binaries
– OpenGL has been made an optional dependency at compile time
– epimgconv and other utilities are included with the emulator package
– snapshot and demo files can be compressed in epcompress format
– experimental SD card emulation using code from LGB’s Xep128, included only if enabled at compile time
– various bug fixes and minor optimizations

Download: Ep128Emu v2.0.10 x86
Download: Ep128Emu v2.0.10 x64
Source: Here

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