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Sugarbox v0.27 is released. Sugarbox is a new emulator for the Amstrad CPC family.

Sugarbox v0.27 Changelog:
- [Emulation] : Add some optimizations. MAX speed should be faster (about 100% gain from v0.26)
- [Emulation] : Remove memory leaks in IPF writing process
- [Config files] : Fix the ‘-’ and ‘_’ for french keyboard : « From scratch » now autorun properly.
- [Display] : Screenshots are fixed : No more unwanted black line at the top.
- [Dump support] : Fix the code used to compute multi revolution dump, to be more reliable (when a revolution is wrecked, dont use it)
- [FDC] : Lots of fix in the FDC : The ‘acid tests’ of arnoldEmu are almost all corrects now.
- [FDC] : Fix some bugs when reconstructing the tracks (fix some dump of « Le Necreomancien », and various CTRaw files also)
- [FDC] : The ‘Flip’ fonction (used to flip double sided dumps) is now working correctly. Double faces IPF are now working
- [FDC] : ’10′ bits used for bit synchronisation can be in a smaller number : 40 bits are enough to consider the PLL as correctly fixed between clock/data bits
- [General] : Fix a deadlock that occurs when a command is used during a dump disk is read
- [General] : Fix the autotype feature : the feature is more relevant. Also, the « | » character is correctly rtanslated to ‘รน’ on french keyboard.
- [General] : Add a function to recording every frame into a screenshot
- [General] : Autorun feature is a bit more reliable (more rules added)
- [General] : Added some command line switches : -sn xx (load xx as a Snapshot file), -drivea xx to set xx into drive A, -driveb (same for drive B)
-fullscreen to start in full screen mode, -config xx to load xx as config file, -command xx to run xx as basic command at start
- [GUI] : Fix the incorrect update of « Save as.. » menu when inserting a disk.
- [Multiface II] : Add preliminary support for Multiface II (no config yet)
- [PPI] : Rewrite most of the 8255 implementation. Now run the ‘acid test’ properly (when it have meanings)
- [PSG] : Correct lots of bugs (sound is now a LOT better, and digitized sound works correctly). Fix Dick tracy, Antiriad, Crazy cars 2, and probably a lot more !
- [PSG] : Also run the ‘acid test’ of PSG correctly.
- [Z80] : Support for NMI added

EmuCR: Sugarbox

Download: Sugarbox v0.27
Source: Here

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