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Yape v1.0.11 is released. Yape is the best emulator of Commodore microcomputer family running on Windows and Unix. The emulator faithfully imitates the C-264 (alias Commodore Plus/4) model.

Yape v1.0.10 changelog:
* memorize window size when not using GDI rendering
* new selectable tape signal detection method (added 'edge triggered') for WAV samples
* loading MTAP's with non-native frequency such as ones recorded with NTSC bit set (report courtesy of Luca)
* load C64/VIC20 tapes recorded in MTAP format with the KERNAL loader
* even line hue phase offset in CRT emulation mode
* tape code cleanup
* sound engine related improvements
* speedometer improved
* preset screen size bug
* monitor cleanup
* TAP save overwrite warning (bug report courtesy of Luca)

Download: Yape v1.0.11
Source: Here

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