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EmuCR: MedAdvCFGMedAdvCFG v0.3.0 is released. Mednafen Advanced Configuration Tool. Frontend for Mednafen v0.9.38.x

MedAdvCFG v0.3.0 changelog:
Redump verification for PSX
NetPlay controls are now functional*
NetPlay control is now a ComboBox
Several NetPlay servers predefined.
Resolution now selectable from dropdown
Ads, Because who doesn't like ads.
Added link to CoversDB.org
PlayStats are planned for future
Hosted by CoversDB.org
Various Code Optimizations
Notes on NetPlay Support
Not all SysCores support NetPlay.
Namely, SS does not.
SNES and PSX do :)
To NetPlay, Use Same BIOS and Same ROM
MD5 must match across board. Select same server. Play!

Download: MedAdvCFG v0.3.0

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