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EmuCR: NES Any-Yes v0.1.3 is released. Any-Yes is a Cycle-Accurate Java NES Emulator for WIN. Some features of note include NTSC simulation, gameplay recording, mid-instruction cycle-accuracy, game genie support. Currently Supported Mappers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 16, 19, 28, 66, 69, 71, 118, 119, 140, 163, 228, 232. Many difficult to emulate games work correctly, such as BattleToads, Bee-52, Mig 29 Soviet Fighter, and Crystalis to name a few.

To run: You must have Java installed. Simply double click the .jar file if you are in Windows.
If that doesn't work, or you are in Linux, run this command:
java -jar any-yes.jar

Put ROMs in the included ROMS folder, which is the easiest method of accessing them.
You can also navigate to whereever they are using the built-in file browser, but it's still somewhat of a work in prgress.

The file browser is simply a frontend. To set key mappings and other options, you must launch a game.
To navigate, click files or directories. To go up to a previous directory, click the folder name in the top bar.
If you need to change the start-up directory, edit last_dir.txt, which is in the loader/config/all/ subdirectory of the config location (see below)

You can make the window large by double clicking the title bar, or dragging the edges to resize. True fullscreen support will come soon.

Zip support is very temperamental, some zip files refuse to open currently. If you run into this problem, please unzip the rom and try again.

Any-Yes v0.1.3
– Added mappers 85 and 34
– Adapted VRC7 sound chip from nesimulare (MIT licensed) for use with Any-Yes APU
– Partial Namco 163 sound chip support
– Audio high & low pass filtering
– Major performance increase (Located a huge source of Java garbage collection)
– Prevent joysticks that rapid-fire events from making key mapping impossible
– Save state serialzation rewrite
– Minor timing fixes
– Better handling of cleanup for audio and video threads

Download: Any-Yes v0.1.3

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