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EmuCR: EmuConEmuCon v2.7.5 is released. EmuCon Playground EX is frontend for console emulators (videogames and handhelds). It is compatible with all versions of Windows (Windows XP up to Windows 7. Similar to Emu Loader, this project started as a hobby and a way for me to play console games with my computer, thru emulators.

EmuCon Features:
- Support several console and handheld systems: Super Nintendo, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 8-bit,
Sega Genesis / Mega-Drive, Atari 2600, Intellivision, Master System, Odyssey2, Game Gear,
ColecoVision, GP32, PC Engine / Turbo Grafix, Atary Lynx, Atari 5200 SuperSystem, Atari Jaguar,
Sega 32X, Neo Geo Pocket, Nintendo 64, Sega CD / Mega CD, Gameboy / Gameboy Color, Super Gameboy,
PlayStation, Nintendo GameCube, Atari 7800, Sega Dreamcast, Watara Supervision, WonderSwan,
PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii
- Support all file formats available on the emulators
- Preview snapshots (unzipped only), game snapshots and title snapshots
- Almost any emulator can be used as long as it can execute games from the command line
(except for a few cases)
- Easy access menus and toolbar buttons
- Support 2 emulators on each system
- Long folder names friendly (note that not all emulators are compatible with long names)
- Detection of bad .zip files
- Settings are stored in .ini files. Windows registry is never used!
- MRU lists support with the latest 25 games you played, for quick access
- Support for multiple medias. Useful if you have games for a system in various CDs/DVDs

EmuCon v2.7.5 Changelog:

Minor fixes and optimizations in the source code
Game image preview changes:
- compatibility with MAME emulator and Emu Loader frontend
- zipped filename renamed from "boxart.zip" to "covers.zip" ("Box Art" image category title remains); I forgot to do this in EmuCon v2.7.4
- support for image category sub-folder when searching unzipped images so you can have "snap.zip" in your "snapdir\" path and unzipped images in "snapdir\snap\" sub-folder (same behavior as MAME):
- if folder of image category is emtpy (undefined), category entry in "sysimagefolders.ini" file is saved anyway
- file "sysimagefolders.ini" is no longer deleted when writing settings into it, to prevent deleting entries required by Emu Loader frontend
- you can use .zip files in each image category folder (snap.zip; titles.zip; covers.zip); you don't have to put all .zip files in the "game snap" folder
Compatibility between EmuCon frontend and Emu Loader frontend; use same config .ini files, favorites files, games lists (for future upgrade)

Download: EmuCon v2.7.5
Source: Here

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