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EmuCR: PlayStationXebra(Arbex) (2017/03/16) is released. Xebra is a progressing Japanese Playstation(PS) emulator for Win32.

Xebra (2017/03/16) Changelog:
Timer 1 has a mode to count up by the system clock
And a mode to count up by HSYNC,
Both of them can stop counting up during VBLANK,
Because I did not think there was a situation to stop in the system clock mode,
For the sake of simplicity, we have adopted a pseudo-reproduction that counts up slowly without stopping.
Recently I found out that there is a problematic game
Even in the system clock mode, it stopped properly.

EmuCR: Xebra

EmuCR: Xebra

Download: Xebra (2017/03/16)
Download: Xebra for Android
Source: Here

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