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EmuCR: EmuZ-2000 TF-EditionEmuZ-2000 TF-Edition Ver.0.95.5 is released. EmuZ-2000 is a SHARP MZ-2000/MZ-2200/MZ-80B/MZ-80B2 Emulator for Windows.

EmuZ-2000 TF-Edition Ver.0.95.5 Changelog: (Google Translate)

* Review the DISK module as a whole, change the following

- Comprehensively reviewing the data sheet, D 88 specification and operation of MB 8877
Fix the differences, work as far as possible to ensure that all functions do not inconvenience
Implemented in (disk module, old memory without FDC material, hand held
It was based on what I made in a few days with software analysis
Although it is in the range that can be done this time, it is roughly exact
It should have worked)

- Added FDC command of Read Track / Write Track (format)

- A countermeasure against 17 sectors problem of Write Track and a function to ignore CRC error
add to

- Set CRC value of FDC Read ID

- Seek time came to refer at seek

- Corrected to check discontinuous disks to some extent on the way
(In particular, binary of arbitrary size in 2D format is regarded as FDD and reading
It became possible. Convenient for exchanging data on PC)

- Because it was rarely used for the 2D format, it was quite a long time ago
Fixed bug that did not set some internal status from
(After driving the standard format 320 KB drive in D88 format for each drive
It seems that you did not encounter problems as it did not surf)

- For internal IPL, a disk whose data area is other than N = 1 (256 bytes)
Changes to be able to read, fine modification to reflect the I / O port of the disk

* When FD media is not available, status display is changed to * when motor is ON/td>

Download: EmuZ-2000 TF-Edition Ver.0.95.5

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