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EmuCR LuaGBLuaGB v0.1.0 alpha is released. A gameboy emulator written in Pure Lua. Approaching feature completeness, but still a work in progress. This is designed to be fairly cross platform, and currently consists of a platform-independent gameboy module which contains the emulator, and a Love2D interface, presently the only supported platform.

Supported Features
* Pure Lua! Gameboy module should work on any Lua 5.2+ environment with the "bit" library available.
* Original Gameboy (DMG) and Gameboy Color (GBC)
* Decently cycle-approximate graphics
* Working 32KHz audio
* Multiple Palettes for DMG Mode
* SRAM and Save States
* Debug Panels for VRAM, Audio, IO and Disassembly
* Built-in filebrowser, drawn in software for easy porting

Notable Missing Features
* Super Gameboy support (planned)
* Serial Transfer port
* RTC Timer (Pokemon Gold / Crystal)
* HDMA Transfers (Used by a very small handful of games, notably Shantae)

LuaGB v0.1.0 alpha Changelog:
This is the first alpha release of LuaGB! This is a fully functional Gameboy (Color) emulator written in pure Lua. It remains not terribly fast but, I'm still fairly happy with the performance. I decided to release it in its current form to establish a stable base upon which to grow the project, and compare performance benchmarks to in the future. It is free of major bugs as far as I'm aware, though I can't test with every game ever made.
The release build uses the awesome Love2D framework to run the emulator on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux platforms. For Linux, you'll need love 0.10.2 installed, either from your distribution's repositories, or from source.

Download: LuaGB v0.1.0 alpha

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