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EmuCR: pfeMamepfeMame v1.005 is released. pfeMame is a front end for the Multiple Arcade Game Emulator (MAME) written in Python. It is cross platform (tested on Linux - Ubuntu and Windows XP). It also includes a graphical Tile View designed for MAME cabinets which allows control using joystick / gamepad. pfeMame was written by Gareth Finch and started in 2014.

- Customisable game types / categories filter for display
- Graphical image 'tile' view with joystick navigation - for dedicated MAME cabinets
- Cross platform - Linux & windows
- Python source code

pfeMame v1.005 Changelog:
• Snapshot (image) names created when running systems now use the program file name, not the top level system name for the snapshot. This now allows snapshots to be taken for system programs (Had to manually rename them up until now)
• Added file path definition for the softwarelist HASH files. This is needed for systems support. Up until now I have assumed that the default folder location was ok but this can cause issues in Linux.
• Added file path definition for the plugins files. This is needed to support LUA plugins. Up until now as I hadnt defined it you could not get the plugins to work. You must manually define a plugins.ini file and put it in the plugins folder. I may add some options for this in a later release but as the plugins can be anything you write yourself, it is pretty hard for me to define them.
• Removed unused imports
• Added ‘Find’ the edit menu and linked to CTRL-F event. This caused the search input box to take focus and it selects all text in the box at the same time. This allows for easier and faster searching.
• Carried out some improvements to code ‘correctness’
• Removed an incorrect write to the log file in the preferences.py file. The method I was using was not working.
• Corrected the method I was using to close child windows
• The issue of p.communicate() locking up after running a game in windows has come up again. I can see that other prople have similar issues and its to do with how windows closes the child when the game is executed but the p.communicate() method is still waiting for an output and locks up. This is only an issue if the game is run in fullscreen mode. If its run in a window then no issue. Until I can diagnose this further, if running in fullscreen I dont get the command output.
• Fixed bug that would cause tileview to lock up if there were no games in the favorites list. This bug was introduced in version 1.004 when I added systems to tileview. It was due to an un-initialised variable.
• Added output of platform type, python version, and wxpython version to the logfile. Can assist with debugging issues.
• Fixed a bug that prevented systems programs with a fullstop ‘.’ in the file name from being able to be run and also cant display an image snapshot
• After editing the game categories, the search input field is cleared as any searth test in the field is now unusable anyway
• Have further improved the performance of the check all roms code – output is piped to a temporary file and that file is used for parsing. This takes care of buffering issues causing the code to take far too long to execute. Have also gotten rid of the progress bar as it was almost worthless.
• Added a backup and restore function to the File menu. This will allow you to backup and restore the application preferences and DAT files and includes the following;
• categories.dat
• favorites.dat
• ratings.dat
• runs.dat
• pfemame.ini
• Fixed a bug that caused incorrect game information from being displayed for the psa rom (sony playstation one)’ the psa entry in the history.dat file didnt exist so it was picking up a partial match from a different program with psa in the name. Had to add a check for the comma at the end of the info string ($info=psa,).

EmuCR: pfeMame
EmuCR: pfeMame

Download: pfeMame v1.005 x86
Download: pfeMame v1.005 x64
Source: Here

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