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vdmgr v0.1.6 is released. vdmgr is a multi-system emulator that emulates the NES, NeoGeo Pocket, Sega SG-1000 / Mark III, MCS BASIC-52, TD 4, GMC-4, Z80 computers and MSX.

vdmgr v0.1.6 changelog:
Z80 video game
Since I got permission to use the farm, I attached a farm.

Libvdmgr / vdmgr
Added pause.
When loading error in debugger, change log window so that it is active.
Fixed vdmgr falling when ending with the data recorder playing.
At the first startup, changed to look at the user's locale and set the language. .

Corresponding to Mapper 190
Fixed not referring to ROM database.
Fixed incorrect x position of screen division of MMC 5.
Fixed the scroll of fractional position in y direction of screen division of MMC 5.
Fixed wrong valid bit of extended sound source of MMC 5.
It corresponds to the PCM reading mode of MMC 5 (interrupt not supported).
MMC 5 NES 2.0 compatible.
Fixed that the first bank at the time of VRC 7 reset was wrong.
It corresponds to NES file output from assembler.
Corrected address abnormality at bank switching of assembler.
Fixed that bracket could not be processed correctly by assembler.
Add assembler macros and functions, pseudo instructions such as reading bit map files.
Added "Darius mock" to the assembler and MMC 5 samples.

Fixed that sprite drawing priority was reversed.
Supports double display of sprite.
Fixed to update the VRAM address after register writing of VDP 315-5124 (same as TMS9918).
Fix that the sprite of the NAME / SPR / PTN / COL window is not displayed correctly when the sprite is 8 × 16.
ROM database added.
Corresponds to the CODEMASTERS mapper (resolution of 256 × 224 is not supported).

Flash writer
Added a reload button.
If the size of the write data is the same as that of the last read data, change the setting so that it does not initialize

Download: vdmgr v0.1.6
Source: Here

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