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EmuCR:ClrMameProClrMamePro v4.032 is released. ClrMamePro is a so-called ROM-manager. With every new release of MAME a lot has been changed. New gamesets have been added, some have been removed, etc.

ClrMamePro v4.032 changelog:
* fixed: dir2dat creates subfolders for found filenames with `. Now it translates it to ' (as the parser does anyway)
* fixed: unique softwarelist folder check can fail and only show an empty list instead of details
* fixed: batcher's "for rompath naming use "dafilefolder" created double foldernames when using dats with subfolders
* fixed: batcher's "for rompath naming use "datfile name tag" or "datfile file" was not working
* fixed: batcher's "for default naming use" options does not use the global profiler setting anymore
* fixed: don't list existing parent roms in completely missing clones' output
* fixed: profiler hides empty folders
* fixed: wrong bios set assignment in non rom-merge-parse-mode for some sets which use merge tags to link to bios roms
* fixed: profiler context menu tree delete folder switched to 'delete profile' when a profile in list view was selected
* fixed: problem with memoryfile exceptions when working with enabled headers
* added: batcher option to skip scan run when a batch rebuild did not create any files
* misc: updated fuzzy set name check routine (which is rarely used though) giving more robust results
* misc: better profiler tree display when delete/reset/clean cache on a folder or move profile (not jumping to root and collapsing the tree)
* misc: show red/green dot profiler tree folder icons when profiles contain at least one red or only green items
* misc: updated to zip archive: 4.6.4

Download: ClrMamePro v4.032 32bit
Download: ClrMamePro v4.032 64bit
Source: Here

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