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EmuCR: Final Burn LegendsFinal Burn Legends v1.23 is released. Final Burn Legends is a port of Final Burn Alpha 2.99.07 to the Xbox. It also includes parts of FBA-XXX Pro 1.29. Support for over 2700 games. Some games are not playable anywhere else on the Xbox.

Final Burn Legends v1.22 Changelog:

new games supported
World Rally
Flying Shark / Sky Shark
Twin Cobra
Gulf War 2
Wardner / Pyros
Tatakae Big Fighter / Sky Robo
Lock On
Splatter House
Galaga 88
Shadow Land
Dragon Spirit
World Stadium
Beraboh Man
Marchen Maze
Baraduke 2
World Court
Face Off
Blast Off
Dangerous Seed
Pistol Daimyo no Bouken
Boxy Boy
Tank Force
Dyna Gears
Drift Out '94
Eagle Shot Golf
Change Air Blade
Twin Eagle II - The Rescue Mission
Mobil Suit Gundam Final Shooting
Storm Blade
Ultra X Weapons / Ultra Keibitai
Monster Slider
Survival Arts
Fire Trap
Bogey Manor
Agent X / Cloak & Dagger
Oriental Legend Special (Unprotected Version)
Fighting Hawk
Evil Stone
Champion Wrestler
Kuri Kinton
Cuby Bop
Play Girls
Play Girls 2
Karate Champ
Karate Champ Vs
Hyper Sports
Road Fighter
Juno First
Traverse USA / Zippyrace / Motorun USA
Shot Rider
Susume! Mile Smile / Go Go! Mile Smile
Gyakuten!! Puzzle Bancho
Head Panic
Deluxe 4 U
Deluxe 5
Fantasy Land
Galaxy Gunners
Wheels Runner
Super Rider
Twin Brats
Acrobatic Dog Fight
Capcom Bowling
The Next Space
Krazy Bowl
U.S Classic
Shoot Out
Demon Front (PCB Version)
SVG Spectral Vs Generation (PCB Version)
The Gladiator Road Of The Sword (PCB Version)
Happy 6 In 1
Dragon World 2001
Dragon World Pretty Chance
Gang Wars
Sky Adventure
Sky Soldiers
Super Champion Baseball
Time Soldiers
Hang-On Jr
Tetris (Sega System E)

new gmes supported only in 128mb ram xboxes
Vasara 2
Martial Champion

games fixed or now playable
Jackie Chan - The Kung Fu Master
Jackie Chan - In Fists Of Fire
Asura Buster
Thundercade / Twin Formation
Caliber 50
Twin Eagle
Meta Fox
Bottom Of The Ninth
Hit The Ice
Naughty Mouse
Sokonuke Taisen Game
Rock Climber
Mug Smashers
Yie Ar Kung-Fu
Lost Tomb

untested games
Mahjong Hyper Reaction
Lovely Pop Mahjong JangJang Shimasho
Meosis Magic
Joryuu Syougi Kyoushitsu
Koi Koi Shimasho 2
Mahjong Hyper Reaction 2
Super Real Mahjong P7
Gourmet Battle Quiz Ryorioh CooKing
Pachinko Sexy Reaction
Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2
Lovely Pop Mahjong JangJang Shimasho 2
Super Real Mahjong PIV
Dramatic Adventure Quiz Keith & Lucy
Puzzle Club

Six New Dual Launcher Cores

Added new dual launcher cores for Data East, Irem, Konami, Sega, Taito and Xtra this should
fix any games by the above companies and some others that were running out of VMM on
load or failed to boot while in HD mode, also removed support for the Other core which is no
longer required

Toaplan Games Now With Sound

Fire Shark
Teki Paki

Jackie Chan Games

IQ_132 noticed the rom loading for the following games was too high in the driver
by reducing them down to the correct values both of these games now work on a
normal Xbox where as before only those with an upgraded 128mb console could play

Jackie Chan - The Kung Fu Master
Jackie Chan - In Fists Of Fire

Seta 1 And Seta 2 Based Games

Big update to the Seta drivers many sound and Graphical improvements plus these
ones can now be considered to be fully working....

Caliber 50
Meta Fox
Thundercade / Twin Formation
Twin Eagle

Sega Improvements

I've reverted a change to the FBL Sega Gfx code done by a previous dev and hooked the
correct Sega GFX for this FBL version as these changes plain broke the special Gfx effects
in Cotton and were also responsible for all manor of smaller Gfx niggles in the Sega games.

I then removed an IRQ hack from the Sega Y-Board driver replacing it with proper IRQ
handling from later FBA this sorts some serious graphical bugs in Power Drift and to a
lesser extent some Gfx niggles in the other Sega games running on this hardware.

Fixed the gear shifting in G.P. Rider making the game now 100% playable

Updated YM3438 and RF5C68 soundcores to latest FBA improving the music and Sfx in
the following games...

Alien Storm
Clutch Hitter
DD Crew
Desert Breaker
Hammer Away
Laser ghost
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Shadow Dancer
Where's Wally

Added files to the FBL build which store the lightgun calibrations for Laser ghost and
Line Of Fire making both these games playable without having to setup the Light Gun
calcs beforehand.

FBL Fixes
[collapse]improved the steering in Power Drift a fair bit by setting a lower Cursor Speed just for this game
improved the controls in Arkanoid 1 and 2 by setting a lower Cursor Speed for the games
improved the inputs in Capcom Bowling, Bowl O Rama and Krazy Bowl by setting a lower Cursor Speed for the games
Improved the performance in Darius 2 and Warrior Blade Rastan Saga III
Added missing Player 2 start button for Asterix
Fixed missing Button 3 inputs for 1 and 2 players in Megaman 2
updated to dinks new namco sound core which is required for the Namocos1 driver
Fixed Chack N Pop to stop the game loading the wrong way up on boot
Updated YM2612/YM3438 and RF5C68 Soundcores to currant FBA
Fixed Enforce from locking into service mode on Boot game now playable
Fixed some serious graphical problems in Bottom Of The Ninth game now playable
Fixed a coin registering problem in Mug Smashers game now playable
Fixed service mode lockups in Sokonuke Taisen game now playable
Fixed Right Stick movements in Rock Climber game now playable
Fixed a dip switch problem in Naughty Mouse which caused it to lockup on boot game now playable
Fixed a dip switch problem in Yie Ar Kung-Fu which prevented the game from coining up
Added missing right stick inputs in FBL for the fire directions in Tutankham
Added missing right stick inputs in FBL for the fire directions in Lost Tomb
Updated the Sidearms driver to currant FBA to fix many little Emulation niggles in all the games
Fixed the USA and Japan versions of Silent Dragon from locking into service mode on boot
Sorted the rotate ship controls in Aztarac game now 100% playable
Fixed some Emulation niggles and improved the sound in Dynamite Duke
Improved the sound balance between the music and the sfx in Hotdog Storm and Mazinger-Z

fba devs ported to fixes to fbl
Fixed Tail 2 Nose missing backgrounds [dink]
Fixed Demon World sprite and tile offsets, also hooked up TMS32010 cpu instead of hacking it out [iq_132 / dink]
Fixed default eeprom settings for Charlie Ninja [dink]
Added encrypted DataEast cpus to the M6502 core [iq_132]
Fixed graphics issues in Konami's Xexex [dink]
Fixed Head Panic default settings, game is now playable [dink]
Fixed alignment issues in Swat Police and Head Panic, x-scroll issues, and added missing flashing sprite effect on ESD16 Hardware [dink]
Fixed broken graphics corruption in Mille Miglia 2: Great 1000 Miles Rally [dink]
Fixed service mode, sprite offsets corrupt tilemaps and random game lockups in G.I.Joe [dink]
Fixed DAC speech and reboot issues in Baraduke / Alien Sector [dink]
Fixed missing sounds in Pac-Land and Sky Kid [dink]
Fixed Dac and scrolling issues in Konami's Finalizer [dink]
Fixed a blitter issue in Kangaroo, fixed savestates: video banking and lost music [dink]
Added rotation code for Caliber 50 and DownTown [dink]
Added new tilemap system with all the bells & whistles [iq_132]
Hooked up newly dumped sound-MCU's in Fire Shark, Vimana and Teki Paki, giving these games sound [dink]
Ported latest i8051 core with DS5002FP support [dink]
Added M6502ReleaseSlice() the the M6502 cpu core interface [dink]
Added encrypted DataEast cpus to the M6502 core [iq_132]
Added NEC-V60 CPU Core [iq_132 / Romhack]
Added UPD-7725 DSP Core [iq_132]
Removed MCU simulation from Heavy Unit and DJ Boy, added proper MCU emulation with the new i8051 core [dink]
Added TMS32010 cpu core for the Flying Shark/Twin Cobra/Wardner drivers [dink]
Fixed odd-word/long reads and writes in the m68000 cpu interface This fixes lock-ups in Asura Buster [iq_132/dink]
Mega-update to the ES5506 core: dynamic resampling, volume functions [iq_132]
MSM5505-interface fix, clipping issues and savestate support [dink]
Fixed timing issues in Martial Champion, now works but with graphical issues [dink]
Fixed oddly-placed black lines and opaque windows in Lethal Enforcers [dink]
Improved IRQ timing in Sega System Y driver which fixed some graphical issues in Power Drift [Barry]
Fixed video layer offsets in namcos86 driver, improving video for Rolling Thunder, Hopping Mappy and SkyKid DX [dink]
Fixed the continue mode in Arkanoid 2 Revenge Of Doh [dink]
Re-wrote driver for Shadow Force and added raster effects [iq_132]
Added configurable clipping to generic tile drawing [iq_132]
Fixed sprite glitching in Shogun Warriors [dink]
Fixed the bitmap layer alignment in Chak 'n Pop [dink]
Added newer-style VezMapMemory() function to the NEC V20-35 cpu interfaces. [dink]
Fixed a masking issue in NEC V20-35's read port interface [dink]
Fixed sprite flickering and freeze-ups in Xain'd Sleena [dink]
Fixed broken music in Hammer Away level 2+, including a fix to the rf5c68 pcm core buffer handling [dink]
Added default lightgun calibration for Operation Wolf 3 [dink]
Fixed some graphical and sound issues in the mwarr driver and Twin Brats is now playable [dink]
Added trackball support to Capcom Bowling and Krazy Bowl [dink]
Fixed inputs in Dream Land in the Bubble Bobble driver [Barry]
Fixed some speed problems in 4 En Raya [dink]
Fixed Hit the Ice inputs and graphics issues [dink]
Added missing input for Strategy-X in the galaxians driver [dink]
Hooked up trackball and fix palette issues - U.S. Classic now playable [dink]
Fixed soundcpu communications in Gauntlet, hooked up the Pokey sound generator [dink]
Hooked up shot and explosion samples to Seibu Stinger and Scion[c] [dink]
Fixed some graphical problems with the BG layer in Bio-Ship Paladen [dink]
Added the Toki devlopers' debug mode to Toki [dink]
Fix timing issue in Toki that occasionally caused tiles in the map-screen to jitter [dink]
Fix Ghosts 'n Goblins savestate banking issue, improve timing [dink]
Fixed slight video glitchery on fade outs/cutscene/fast screen changes in Ghosts 'n Goblins [dink]
Fixed sprite buffering in Ghosts 'n Goblins, fixes "jittery gravestones" when walking. Also fixed the boot-up messages [dink]
Fixed some broken sprites in Guwange [dink]

new supported games and drivers ported from fba
Added driver for Twin Cobra, Flying Shark / Sky Shark / Gulf War II [iq_132]
Added driver for Wardner [iq_132]
Added driver for Taito System-L (Fighting Hawk, Raimais, Evil Stone, etc) [iq_132]
Added driver for games on SSV hardware: Twin Eagle 2, Vasara I and II, Change Air Blade, Dyna Gear, Storm Blade and more [iq_132]
Added driver for FireTrap by WoodPlace [iq_132]
Added driver for Bogey Manor by Technos on modified Data East hardware [iq_132]
Added driver for Cloak and Dagger [iq_132, dink]
Added driver for Gaelco's World Rally [iq_132, dink]
Added driver for Dragon Spirit, Pac-Mania, Galaga '88, Splatter House + more on Namco System 1 Hardware [iq_132, dink]
Added driver for Susume! / Go Go! Mile Smile and Gyakuten! Puzzle Bancho on Fuuki 16-bit Hardware [iq_132, dink]
Added driver for B-Wings and Zaviga [iq_132]
Added driver for Fantasy Land,Galaxy Gunners and Wheels Runner [iq_132, dink]
Added driver for Taito's Super Rider [iq_132, dink]
Added driver for Traverse USA / Zippyrace / Motorun USA [iq_132, dink]
Added driver for Karate Champ [iq_132, dink]
Added driver for Hyper Sports and Road Fighter [iq_132, dink]
Added driver for Juno First [iq_132, dink ]
Added driver for Acrobatic Dog Fight on technos hardware [iq_132]
Added driver for Capcom Bowling [iq_132]
Added driver for games on alpha68k 1 hardware [iq_132}
Added driver for games on alpha68k 2 hardware [iq_132}
Added driver for Data East's Shoot Out [iq_132]
Added driver for Tetris, Hang-On Jr. and Transformer on Sega System E hardware [vbt]
Added Hangzo! to the DataEast Rohga driver [iq_132]
Added Sky Robo and Tatakae! Big Fighter to the armedf driver [dink]
Added Lock On (Philko) to the Sega System 16B driver [barry]
Added Eeekk!! on pacman hardware [iq_132]
Added Deluxe 4 U and Deluxe 5 to the ESD16 driver [JacKc]
Finished emulation of early Seta games: Caliber 50, ThunderCade, Twin Eagle, DownTown,
Meta Fox and Arbalester [dink]

new marquees for
Beraboh Man
Blast Off
Bogey Manor
Capcom Bowling
Change Airblade
Champion Wrestler
Cloak & Dagger
Dragon Spirit
Drift Out 94
Eagle Shot Golf
Evil Stone
Fighting Hawk
Fire Trap
Galaga 88
Gang Wars
Hang-On Jr
Hyper Sports
Juno First
Karate Champ
Krazy Bowl
Kuri Kinton
Lock On
Mobil Suit Gundam Final Shooting
Motorun USA
Road Fighter
Shoot Out
Sky Robo
Sky Adventure
Sky Shark
Sky Soldiers
Splatter House
Storm Blade
Super Champion Baseball
Super Rider
Survival Arts
Tank Force
Tatakae Big Fighter
Tetris (Sega System E)
Time Soldiers
Twin Cobra
Twin Eagle II
U.S. Classic
Wheels Runner
World Rally

Added new samples for Scion and Stinger
Removed support for Fire Shark samples as they are no longer needed

EmuCR: Final Burn Legends

Download: Final Burn Legends v1.23
Source: Here

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