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EmuCR:Neko Project IINeko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 32 is released. Neko Project II is a port to the Wii of NP2 (Neko Project II), NEC PC-9801 emulator, programmed by Yui.

Neko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 32 Changelog:
· Malfunction of multimedia timer in Win9x was fixed
· MIDI files will be played normally
· Games etc. who were using the multimedia timer and became very slow will also be decent
· If you have any problems and want to return to the previous behavior please uncheck the Fix MMTimer in the Other menu
· Win98 startup time is stable & welcome screen error is resolved (probably)
· The MIDI slow playback deception option (TIMERADJ) has been abolished for the above correction

Download: Neko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 32

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