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Pasofami v2.33 is released. Pasofami a japanese NES, SNES And GameBoy emulator.

Pasofami v2.32 Changelog:
Adding a suction function from a running process
The other day (April 26, 2017), RIKI, a painter, released "The Glitter Star Night DX Perfect" Mook Book.
There are three game softwares (EXEC format) in the CD-ROM attached to this, but unfortunately this is only for VirtuaNES
It did not work in other emulators.
Since it is a wonderful game software, it will work with any other emulator at all times, and the function unique to the emulator
I want to be able to use it, and since the cassette is not sold, I write it in the RAM cassette, even with NES real machine
I wanted to be able to operate, so I added that function.
The method starts EXEC format game software from the CD - ROM, and while it is running,
Press "Eject from Processing Process" button.
With this, NES information can be obtained from another process and normal NES file can be created with NES save function.
How to use
(1) Activate one of the three "Glitter Star Night DX" in the CD-ROM.
(2) Then start up Paso Famicom and display the suction screen, press the "suck out process start" button on the upper right.
(3) A message of suction completion is displayed.
(4) After this, enter the save file name in the same way as when saving at the time of aspiration of normal ROM, and press the save button of the NES file.

Download: Pasofami v2.33
Source: Here

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