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Pasofami v2.34 is released. Pasofami a japanese NES, SNES And GameBoy emulator.

Pasofami Changelog:
■ Function
Function to change the order of NSF files

■ Function Details
· You can change the order of the NSF files (extension NSF) in the specified order or exclude songs (sound effects etc.) that you do not need to listen to.
· That is, the NSF file contains all songs of the NES title, but you can select only the songs you want to listen to and specify the order of the songs.
· This can be done easily by creating the file as an alias NSF file.
· You can listen to this NSF file in common with players, emulators and smartphones that all NSF can listen to.
· So listening NSF's sound sound is unique to the player, so you can choose your favorite NSF player.
· The NSF file to be created is the same size as the original NSF file or several bytes bigger, so you can create as many NSF files in the order as you like.
· Since you create a new NSF file, you can set the song title, artist, copylight in the NSF file.

■ Operation with Paso Famicom to create
1. Choose an NSF file to change the track order with Paso Famicom.
2. When you start up, Paso Fami's NSF player screen will be displayed, so click on the "NSF song order change setting" button in this.
3. Then "NSF song order change setting screen" is displayed.

Next is the operation after that.
(1) Song order setting Enter the track numbers of the songs selected for batch input, separated by commas.
For example, there are 3 songs you want to hear, the first thing you want to listen to is the third song in the original NSF
The second thing you want to listen to is the seventh song in the original NSF, the last thing you want to listen to in the case of the first song in the original NSF
The contents to enter are 3, 7, 1.
(2) Next, enter the name of the newly created NSF file in the output NSF file name.
(3) Finally press "Create NSF file that changed track number" button.
This will create a new NSF file, so let's ask the NSF player whether the NSF file you want is created.
If NSF player can not hear anything, designation may be incorrect, but in most cases
Since it seems that the memory area of ​​the NSF that specified the order was not suitable, change the setting position to "setting position 2"
Press the "Create NSF file that changed track number" button again.
If this is not successful, change the setting position to "setting position 3".
It should sound in 1, 2, 3, 4 except in special cases.
(4) In addition to this, you can change the song title, artist, copyright item in the NSF file.

■ Player's operation check
· VirtuaNSF
· VirtuaNES
· Nestopia
· Foobar2000 If it is a normal NSF file, all songs are displayed on the list and it is very hard to see, but if it is a newly created NSF file
Since only the number of selected songs is displayed in the list, it is effective
· DroidSound Android
· NSF of Nin 1 of RAM cassette mapper 5 (8M + 8M) (8M + 0M) that operates on Famicom real machine

Download: Pasofami v2.34
Source: Here

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