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DarkFrontEnd v2.0 is released. DarkFrontEnd is a Frontend for Multi Emulator. This Frontend is easy to use and has background music. Parts of the UI are in French but because of its simplicity this wasn't a problem.

DarkFrontEnd v2.0 Changelog:
[Update] List of arcade roms with MAME 0.186 (mame -listfull)
[Update] Bios and devices pack (0.185 on planetemu.net).
[ADD] Play the video from the game (if it exists in the \ data \ movies directory) in the thumbnail window.
[ADD] Video recordings in .inp (arcade) are hierarchized by name of the rom, with an incremented number
As well as the date of creation. Before the .inp file was overwritten by the new record.
Format of the file: [nomdelarom] .zip_ [numero] _ [date] .inp
[MODIFICATION] Total redesign of the software with creation of the classes:
- DonneesIni, LaunchEmulator, Log, Search, Video, Sound and Joystick
[MODIFYING] Creation of the top_location (), displacement_bas (), right_location (), and left_location () methods
In order to win a good hundred lines of code.
[MODIFICATION] Ini file totally translated into English.
[MODIFICATION] Improved detection of joysticks (joysticks nes330 and ps4 are ok).
[MODIFICATION] Improvement of the controls (especially during the closing sequence of the frontend).

Download: DarkFrontEnd v2.0

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