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HITACHI MB-S1 v3.1 is released. HITACHI MB-S1 is a emulator for Model05 Emulator from Hitachi.

HITACHI MB-S1 v3.1 Changelog:
[new function]
· Implemented a virtual keyboard.
· FM sound card is installed.
· It was made to be in a power off state (it can be changed by setting).
- Record history of recently used state file was made.
· When using the WRITE TRACK command, such as FD format, recreate the entire track
I made it.
- It is possible to format d88 file without track information.
· [VC version] Supported recording and recording by Media Foundation on Windows 7 and later.
· [Debugger] Specify current address and next address for breakpoint address
I made it possible.
· The key assignment was shared between VC version and SDL version. For this reason, the key assignment of the old version
It becomes invalid and is initialized to the key assignment of the current version.
- Recorded up to 20 files of recently used file history.
· Changed the access speed of FD.
- We changed the balance of the volume.
· Behavior at power on reset was changed.
· Moved choices without memory weight from menu to setting dialog.
· Set whether or not to output a message when the CPU reads an undefined instruction
I made it possible.
· [Debugger] Fixed a bug that JMP, JSR direct addressing notation was wrong
· [Debugger] Directly addressing by disassembling with U, UP command
I changed the notation.
· [Debugger] When disassembling an unmapped area, the branch instruction
Fixed incorrect display of branch target address.
· [Debugger] Fixed display problem that disassembled undefined instruction of CPU.
· Various other internal codes have been changed.

Download: HITACHI MB-S1 v3.1 x86
Download: HITACHI MB-S1 v3.1 x64
Source: Here

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