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HITACHI MB-S1 v3.2 is released. HITACHI MB-S1 is a emulator for Model05 Emulator from Hitachi.

HITACHI MB-S1 v3.2 Changelog:
- Fixed a bug that OS-9 LII stopped during startup due to FDC seek processing bug.
· Fixed a bug that does not restart when resetting while stopping with CWAI / SYNC instruction.
· [Debugger] When the debugger is activated, it switches from user mode to system mode
Fixed a bug that will not return.
· [Debugger] When $ FE11 is enabled, it is currently used with the X command
Segment number is also displayed.

Download: HITACHI MB-S1 v3.2 x86
Download: HITACHI MB-S1 v3.2 x64
Source: Here

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