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EmuCR: MedGui RebornMedGui Reborn v0.083 is released. MedGui is a GUI (Frontend) for Mednafen WINDOW OS.

MedGui Reborn v0.083 Changelog:
– Added auto-recognize of virtual image file (m3u, toc, pc-fx games and audio cd will continue to request type of media by iso selector)
– Added 3 profiles (balanced, performance and quality) for cover animation
– Added auto-recognize of virtual image file
– Fixed resize of split panel

EmuCR: MedGui Reborn

Download: MedGui Reborn v0.083
Source: Here

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  1. You can sort the ROMs list a bunch of different ways, adjust the emulation speed, adjust the sound settings and a bunch of other stuff that 99% of people will never use, but the one thing you can't do apparently is configure the damn controls! If there's a way to do it, they certainly hid it well because after spending close to half an hour going through all the options I can't figure out how to do it!


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