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EmuCR: QMC2QMC2 v0.186 is compiled. QMC2 is a good GUI for MAME & MESS. QMC2(M.A.M.E. Catalog / Launcher II) is the successor of one of the first XMAME/MESS GUI frontends available, QMamecat (derived from MAMECAT, which was text-only). QMC2 has been rebuilt from scratch as a Qt 4 project. Parts of the design and code were inspired by its predecessor. The new design was made as flexible as possible to minimize dependencies from frontend- and CLI-related MAME changes, which was a major deficiency of QMamecat. QMC2 uses a template-based MAME configuration scheme, which can easily be enhanced with additional command line options (defined in an XML template file).

QMC2 v0.186 Changelog:
- fix: manual scanner: convert relative paths to absolute ones (so that the file URLs are correctly interpreted when launching the PDF viewer)
- fix: collection rebuilder: the collection rebuilder’s specific settings weren’t stored under certain circumstances
- fix: corrected the initial restoration of the tab-header of the current machine-detail when the tab-header has to be scrolled
- fix: corrected UI behavior when the given emulator executable file’s path does not exist during reload (BT #143)
- fix: ROMAlyzer: added a hard limit of 2 GB per analyzed dump (the analyzer will skip individual dumps which are bigger than QByteArray’s limit, avoiding a crash)
- fix: avoid a crash when interrupting a ROM verification of tagged sets (the process is now cleanly interruptable)
- fix: the enable log settings of the check-sum scanner log and the collection rebuilder were not restored
- fix: corrected the ROM- and software-state checks to work with MAME 0.186+
- imp: software-lists: removed the temporary workaround for launching ColecoVision™ cartridge images since the issue has been fixed in MAME 0.184
- imp: updated category.ini to MAME 0.186
- imp: added a confirmation pop-up which tells the user that it’s much faster to do a full ROM audit than to check ROM states individually above a certain amount of sets (shown for more than 500 tagged sets)
- imp: removed the -qmc2_config_path option which was renamed to -config_path in v0.42 (the old name was still supported as a more or less hidden alias)
- imp: ROMAlyzer: renamed the former Report tab to Analyzer and moved the related widgets to it, so that they are no longer suggesting a global meaning
- new: collection rebuilder: added support for rebuilding dumps that are larger than 2 GB individually (e.g. ‘hapyfsh2’, see BT #142)
- new: notes-templates: added access functions for PDF manuals (see wiki)
- wip: ROMAlyzer: adding a ROM path cleaner sub-feature (BT #82)

Download: QMC2 v0.186 x86
Download: QMC2 v0.186 x64
Source: Here

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