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CAPE v0.6 is released. This is a x86 emulator called CAPE: Computer And Processor Emulator. It is a cross platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Raspberry PI) emulator for computers based on x86 processors. It is a cycle based emulator which means, unlike other emulators out there, its core execution unit is a cycle and not an instruction (for the CPU) or a scan line (for the video unit).

CAPE v0.6 changelog:
- added Hercules support
- added EGA support
- added multimonitor/multiadapter support
- added 80286 support (up to 12Mhz)
- added support for IBM PC AT (and compatible) computers
- fixed a timing bug (now we get 100% speed again)
- sound fixed in Ultima 3
- GUI changes to allow for different classes
- fixed some bugs in some instruction decoders
- added serial mouse on COM1
- can now insert/eject floppy disks through GUI while emulator is running
- various bugfixes in the GUI/emulator
- initial release
- 8088/8086/80188/80186 support

Download: CAPE v0.6

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