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Command.dat v0.187 is released. The command.dat is a file that allows you to view, among other things, the individual command lists for your favorite fighting game characters. With the command.dat, you can have an in game instruction manual to essentially every game that MAME supports.

Command.dat Changelog:
* 0.05 0.187 01/07/2017: Added 2 items. Renamed (ehrgeizaa) to (ehrgeiz), (souledgeaa) to (souledgea), (tekkenab) to (tekkenb), (tekken2aa) to (tekken2a), (tekken2ab) to (tekken2b), (tekken3) to (tekken3je1), (tekken3aa) to (tekken3a), (tekken3ab) to (tekken3b), (tekken3ae) to (tekken3), (tektagtac) to (tektagt) and (tektagtac1) to (tektagtc1).
* 0.04 0.183 06/03/2017: Today, with the consent of Procyon, this version of the file is the official one!

Download: Command.dat v0.187

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