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EmuCR: DCMOTO DCMOTO v2017.07.14 is released. DCMOTO is the ultimate Thomson emulator. It emulates Thomson MO5, MO5E, MO5NR, MO6, T9000, TO7, TO7/70, TO8, TO8D, TO9, TO9+ et Olivetti Prodest PC128. The emulator of choice for any of these machines!


DCMOTO v2017.07.14 Changelog:
* Fixed tape read error with TO9, TO8, TO8D and TO9+.
* In the debugging tool, the 2000 previous values of the processor registers are displayed.
* In the debugging tool, the three previous instructions before current instruction are disassembled and displayed.
* In the debugging tool, READ and WRITE breakpoints incorrect operation fixed .
* In the debugging tool, three breakpoints are available.
* In the debugging tool, the CC (condition register) bits are displayed separately.
* The debugging tool is spread accross two windows in order to fit a low resolution PC screen.
* Experimental simulation and disassembly of Hitachi HD63C09 processor instructions and registers.
* Saving the current state in MO5 or TO7/70 mode create a .sd file, allowing restoring the emulator state on the actual hardware.
* Return $CC when reading 'SYSTEME 2' register ($A7DD/$E7DD) with last generation computers.
* Fixed brightness control with lightpen. Lightpen adjustment function now works fine with TO7 and TO7/70.
* Added MO5 N emulation. The MO5 N is a MO6 prototype discovered in 2017.
* Fixed mouse left button operation with MO5NR, MO6 and PC128.
* New option to simulate a monochrome screen, white or green or amber.
* Fixed memory bank selection error with the system PIA of the TO computers. UCSD Pascal is now working.
* New option to force 4/3 aspect ratio of the emulated computer screen.
* New option to simulates cathode ray tube scanlines.
* The cartridge bank number is no more reset after program initialization.
* Fixed a processing error with MO graphical keyboard Uppercase and Basic keys.
* Added TO9+ computer with OS-9 ROM.
* Fixed emulation and disassembly of CWAI microprocessor instruction.
* Added 'actual speed' checkboxes for tape and floppy disks.
* Allow to load a removable media with an empty image file.
* Loading a SD card image file shows the actual filename instead of 'boot.sd'.
* Fixed an error (introduced in 2015.05 version) with simutaneous SHIFT and BASIC keystrokes.
* Added CS91-282 SD card controller emulation for the MO5.
* Fixed Shift-Lock LED display error with MO6 and PC128 graphical keyboards.
* With Arduino option, each byte in files with .wav extension .wav is converted to 6 bits.
* Added Arduino option in .mrx file to allow playing audio streaming demos with dcmoto.
* Fixed mouse pointer shape error when resizing emulator window.
* PC keyboard does not emulate joysticks when option is not checked in sttings dialog box..
* Not-documented instructions $41 et $42 are no more used for MO5 and MO6 copy-protected tapes.
* Fixed Arduino interface and joystick emulation conflict.

Download: DCMOTO v2017.07.14
Source: Here

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