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Kiwi8 v1.03 is released. Kiwi8 is a cross-platform Chip-8 interpreter written in C++ using SDL2, ImGui, and OpenGL. The application is now back to running on a single thread while keeping the CPU usage down to a minimum. Most of the work in this release was done on the GUI and getting Audio up and running. Switched from using SDL's 2D-rendering API to raw OpenGL 2.0 which allowed for compatibility with ImGui. The Project will now be referred to as Kiwi8.

Kiwi8 Features
* Windows and MacOS
* Graphical user interface
* Audio
* Color customizer
* CPU frequency selection
* Command line support
* No SCHIP support

Kiwi8 Changelog:
Project name change
Here's an incomplete list of programs and their required quirks to run properly: ROM Compatibility

Download: Kiwi8 v1.03

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