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EmuCR: N3SN3S v0.3.0 Alpha is released. N3S is a 3D NES emulator for Windows that is currently in alpha. It wraps the Nestopia UE libretro core and re-emulates the PPU to draw predefined 3D voxel meshes in place of 2D sprites.

Current Features
Emulates PPU
Nametable scrolling and mirroring
OAM sprite data
Registers such as CTRL, MASK, etc
Detects CHR bank switching and draws sprites accordingly
Renders NES games in 3D
Replaces sprites with predefined 3D voxel meshes
Can draw partial sprites that are clipped by edge of screen or nametable scroll
Palette-based shader code uses actual palette data from PPU each frame
Mirrors sprites in shader code
Draws 8x16 mode if specified in CTRL register

Planned Features
Support for games without CHR ROM
Meshes are generated when the game is loaded, so games with sprite data compressed in PRG ROM cannot be loaded.
Utilize built-in libretro features like save states, frameskipping, etc
Haven't implemented yet but comes with Nestopia libretro core
Built-in voxel editor
Allows users to sculpt truly 3D meshes for each sprite and export for each game
Sprites are 8x8x32 voxels
N3S file repository
"Official" 3D definitions will be curated in Git repository and downloaded by app automatically
Users can upload and revise

N3S v0.3.0 Alpha Changelog:
New Features:
Editor added.
You can currently switch between game and editor with ; (semicolon) and ' (single quote) keys, respectively.
You can read more about workflow and scene / voxel editor here: http://n3s.io/index.php?title=Editing_N3S_Files
Editor is not feature-complete, and N3S file format is subject to change in coming versions. I wouldn't recommend seriously tackling converting a game to 3D yet as it may become incompatible.
Editor controls are currently hardcoded and listed below.
Input system added
Can now bind multiple analog or digital inputs to various functions within the app.
Currently supports XInput and keyboard/mouse.
Bindings temporarily hard-coded, but will support remapping with config file or menu in coming versions.
GUI implemented, along with shader for overlay and text rendering.
In-app console output implemented, rarely used in current version
Bug fixes:
Fixed audio issues when moving or resizing window.
New issues:
Mesh info window in editor overlaps new buttons (VRAM, CHR pages) in scene selector GUI.
Buttons in palette window not always responsive.
Left analog stick moves camera and give NES directional input at the same time.
ALT key focuses Windows menu, even within editor.
Outstanding issues:
Cannot play games with no CHR data / sprite data compressed in PRG.
Many games still have graphical glitches.
PAL games run, but at 60hz rather than 50hz.
Audio buffer still loops when accessing application menu bar.
Many menu items do not do anything yet.
Possibly unknown issues on different versions of Windows, has only been tested on Windows 10 x64.

Download: N3S v0.3.0 Alpha
Source: Here

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