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Pasofami v2.36 is released. Pasofami a japanese NES, SNES And GameBoy emulator.

Pasofami Changelog:
■ Function
It corresponds to automatic suction of Super Famicom software "remodeled town Shubibin man zero."
· The "remodeled town shubbiman zero" cassette which was released at the end of May can be automatically sucked out by the suufami adapter.

● How to use
· Choose an NSF file with Pasofami.
· On the NSF player screen, press the "NSF Change Song Order and Play Time Setting" button.
· Click on "output NSF file name", "track number list" on the displayed screen
Enter the original song number and play time.
· At the end, press the "Create NSF file with track number change and play time specification" button.

Download: Pasofami v2.36
Source: Here

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