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EmuCR: pfeMamepfeMame v1.006 is released. pfeMame is a front end for the Multiple Arcade Game Emulator (MAME) written in Python. It is cross platform (tested on Linux - Ubuntu and Windows XP). It also includes a graphical Tile View designed for MAME cabinets which allows control using joystick / gamepad. pfeMame was written by Gareth Finch and started in 2014.

- Customisable game types / categories filter for display
- Graphical image 'tile' view with joystick navigation - for dedicated MAME cabinets
- Cross platform - Linux & windows
- Python source code

pfeMame v1.006 Changelog:
• In Linux (not Windows), using the ENTER key to run a game caused two event to be generated for reasons that I just could not find out. I have been able to work around this by using two different methods to capture the key press for Windows and Linux.
• Removed some empty linefeeds not needed when running verifyroms
• Have included the pfeMAME manual with the distributions now and have added a submenu under Help to view it
• General tidy up of some code – spacing, grammar, python-ish correctness etc
• Corrected some override code for the ultimatelistcontrol
• Used a better method for determining if a game has an icon or not – previous method was an ugly hack
• Have added a CLEAR ALL option to the file paths window. This is more useful for development than normal use
• Have added an AUTO FIND option to the file paths window. This is very handy as it just simplifies and speeds up the process of entering all of your folders. Under Linux only looks in \usr\games\mame – if it finds a match it adds it in, otherwise it is left empty so you know a match wasn’t found
• Changed the about dialog to use the wxpython inbuilt dialog
• Changed the singlechoice dialog to use the wxpython inbuilt dialog
• Removed my own coded singlechoicedialog and aboutbox include files from the distribution build as they are no longer used
• Changed the logfile file limit size to 512k before it creates a archive copy and then a fresh logfile.log. This was done to allow me to use the scrolledmessagedialog to display the logfile – this inbuilt control has a text size limit.
• Added a view option to display the logfile. Note, it will only display the currently active logfile (limited to 512k), not any archived log files (with a .1, .2, etc extension)
• Renamed the manual to pfeMAME_manual (added the underscore). Linux couldn’t find the file due to the space causing issues with subprocess.popen.
• Fixed a bug that prevented the pfeMAME manual from being opened under Linux – the method to open a PDF file under Linux and Windows is different as under Linux you need to essentially tell the system to use a default opener.
• Updated the manual – brought it up to date and corrected spelling and punctuation etc.
• Removed all references to mameinfo.dat as it was not actually required or used anywhere but you still had to select it in the folder paths. Also removed as a prerequisite in the manual.
• When selecting a star rating for a rom, the pop-up will now set its default value based upon what the current star rating for the rom is
• Fixed a bug that caused some games to throw an error to the console when trying to get the game info from the mameinfo.dat file. This was due to non ascii characters being in the file. Have added encoding to utf8 when reading the file to solve the problem (this was done using io.open as the standard open in python 2.7 doesn’t support built in encoding on open).
• Fixed a bug whereby a slightly malformed game snapshot (PNG) would cause a long delay and then a core assertion error at console when the image was being resized for display. I have trapped the error and a message is displayed for the user so that they can track down the offending image file. The long pause still happens as it takes a while for python to realise there is an issue while it gets stuck trying to resize the image.
• Have improved the code for displaying game information – could still be faster.
• Adjustments to column widths in game list table
• Have improved the ‘first time use’ message a bit to make it more useful.

EmuCR: pfeMame
EmuCR: pfeMame

Download: pfeMame v1.006 x86
Download: pfeMame v1.006 x64
Source: Here

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