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EmuCR: pfeMamepfeMame v1.007 is released. pfeMame is a front end for the Multiple Arcade Game Emulator (MAME) written in Python. It is cross platform (tested on Linux - Ubuntu and Windows XP). It also includes a graphical Tile View designed for MAME cabinets which allows control using joystick / gamepad. pfeMame was written by Gareth Finch and started in 2014.

- Customisable game types / categories filter for display
- Graphical image 'tile' view with joystick navigation - for dedicated MAME cabinets
- Cross platform - Linux & windows
- Python source code

pfeMame v1.007 Changelog:
• Fixed a problem that was causing a traceback error (non-fatal) at the console sometimes when the menubar helper was trying to display information about the menu function. Ages ago I created onHelp which was a helper function to display this information. This was when I was developing in Linux and had only just started testing in Windows. In Linux (Ubuntu actually) I couldn’t get the info text to display. The problem is that this helper was throwing console errors under windows. The original issue was actually caused by Ubuntu Unity putting the menubar at the top of the main window instead of the top of the program window. As this is really a Unity specific problem (or how wx widgets works with Unity), I am removing the helper code and going with the built-in function.
• Changed the default (1st run) video mode for Windows systems to GDI. Some very low-end systems (and emulated systems) don’t have a high enough version of D3D.
• Have reinstated the command output capture from running games – let’s see if it doesn’t lock up now.
• Fixed the column widths if systems support is not activated
• Added a few missing dlg.Destroy()s
• Further improvement to first time run message
• Implemented a very rudimentary and not well tested ability to play Visual Pinball tables. I love pinball and so this was just something I wanted to include in pfeMAME. It requires that you have already set up vPinMame and Visual Pinball to work with each other. At the moment, the table and executable locations are hard coded so this is really only for my internal purposes. This also only works under Windows installations as there is no Linux version of Visual Pinball (due to it using VB scripts) – I haven’t tried it under Wine. (!!!!! Fix this for final release of this version!!!!!!)
• Added an icon to the Quit option in the file menu
• In Tile View I have overridden the Display Debug Message preference (i.e. verbose). If this is enabled in Tile View the application locks up as soon as MAME is executed. As nothing can be displayed anyway there isn’t much point having this.
• Added a close to all subprocess.communicate methods as I think that’s the correct thing to do rather than leaving them open
• Changed the global variable mylist to a self.mylist – not for any specific reason other than I really need to get away from using global variables when I don’t need to. Over time I’ll get rid of some more as there are heaps
• Updated the pfeMAME build instructions. I have setup.bat file for windows builds and setup.sh file for Linux builds and things are a bit easier now for building pfeMAME.
• Added an ESC key event to all child windows so that you can exit them by pressing the ESC key
• When running a rom, the full rom name is displayed in the messages window before the verify is run on the rom – makes things easier to read.
• Removed the 24 pixel padding that was being added under the messages window – this created a 24 pixel sized blank void under the window which was a waste of space. Have also slightly increased the vertical size of the window to capture more information.
• Got rid of the annoying horizontal line above the toolbar icons. This was only happening in Windows and it seems that only Windows has a style option to remove this. Looks much better now.
• Changed the star ratings images – got rid of the ‘empty’ stars so you just see the gold ones. A zero star rating doesn’t show anything. A visually more appealing look.
• Added ‘Missing’ to the view combo box. This then only shows roms that are missing from your library. A nice way to spend some time looking for roms that you want to find.
• Added a preference setting that will Auto select the View and the currently selected game based upon what the View and selected game were when pfeMAME was last shut down. If this preference is selected, it overrides the default View setting.
• Event close wasn’t bound to the close application code for the main pfeMAME window.
• Changed the file paths window to be scrollable as there are too many inputs to fit into smaller resolution displays.
• Added Visual Pinball tables path and executable path to the file paths window. These are not able to be ‘auto found’ as they sit outside the MAME ecosystem.
• Fixed a bug that would log an error in undeclared historydat variable during first time run as the path to the file doesn’t exist yet so the variable is not declared. Fixed by forcing the history.dat file to be loaded into memory after a database refresh. Also set the historydat variable to empty string if the file path is not set or found to prevent the same error if the dat file path is not specified.

EmuCR: pfeMame
EmuCR: pfeMame

Download: pfeMame v1.007 x86
Download: pfeMame v1.007 x64
Source: Here

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