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EmuCR: QMC2QMC2 v0.187 is compiled. QMC2 is a good GUI for MAME & MESS. QMC2(M.A.M.E. Catalog / Launcher II) is the successor of one of the first XMAME/MESS GUI frontends available, QMamecat (derived from MAMECAT, which was text-only). QMC2 has been rebuilt from scratch as a Qt 4 project. Parts of the design and code were inspired by its predecessor. The new design was made as flexible as possible to minimize dependencies from frontend- and CLI-related MAME changes, which was a major deficiency of QMamecat. QMC2 uses a template-based MAME configuration scheme, which can easily be enhanced with additional command line options (defined in an XML template file).

QMC2 v0.187 Changelog:
* fix: software-lists: reverted a change from v0.183 which prevented multi-part software from being mounted correctly (BT #145)
* fix: fixed that the system-notes widget gets hidden when a machine is launched while the “notes” tab is the current one (BT #147)
* fix: corrected loading zipped custom artwork data for notes templates (BT #149)
* fix: notes-editor: avoid a potential (temporary) hang caused by text-wrapping the generated JS/HTML code when switching to the HTML tab (BT #150)
* fix: QMC2 Arcade / ToxicWaste theme: some theme-specific settings were not correctly restored
* fix: software-lists: software images weren’t correctly updated on the search results page
* imp: updated the alternative system- and software-notes templates contributed by José Marcio Rezende Franco
* imp: notes-editor: the notes-editor’s tab-bar uses a smaller font size now (2/3 of the general application font’s size)
* imp: updated category.ini to MAME 0.187
* imp: QMC2 Arcade / ToxicWaste theme: delay image, video and info updates when the user flicks the machine list quickly
* imp: QMC2 Arcade / ToxicWaste theme: the cabinet can now be scaled independently from its automatic positioning (mouse wheel) and the menu bar’s fade-in/out is animated
* new: added optional support for dynamically filtering machines according to their potentially changing ROM states during full audits (BT #144)
* new: QMC2 Arcade: added support for the icon cache database (used if enabled in the main GUI)
* new: QMC2 Arcade: added the new CLI option -debugqt which will enable logging of Qt debug messages (which are now suppressed by default)

Download: QMC2 v0.187 x86
Download: QMC2 v0.187 x64
Source: Here

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