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EmuCR: RockNESRockNES v5.50 is released. RockNES is a Nintendo (NES) emulator that supports total PPU emulation, total intelligent emulation (including VRCVI intelligent, used by some Japanese games), battery backed RAM, Famicom DiskSystem, VS Unisystem, and some 70 different mappers. In gain, RockNES includes lots of different video modes, as substantially as the ability to loading and economise your back at any stage. You can flush record movies of gameplay.

RockNES v5.50 Changelog:
- New NTSC default palette, including color emphasis, by Joel Yliluoma.
- All palette-related core was rewritten and fixed.
- Fixed palettes for VS games, including GUI dialog for selection.
- Fixed problems in the GUI 'general settings' dialog.
- Fixed PPU left clipping on/off setting.
- Fixed GUI alert box colors.
- Fixed a bug in the "Olive" and "Nocturne" color styles.
- Fixed gfx frame pointer reset, an obscure bug found by accident.
- Fixed emulation reset if an invalid opcode is found.
- Fixed mapper 64 IRQs (Hard Drivin' works again).
- Fixed mapper 90 IRQs and savestates.
- Fixed Famicom Disk System savestates, system RAM and PPU IRQs, major bugs!
- Fixed initial scanline (fixes Time Lord).
- Fixed an obscure bug setting file loading path.
- Fixed ROM corruptor, it wasn't restoring changes.
- Fixed a bug setting the CPU address range in the CPU state display.
- Fixed a few bugs in the config file parsing.
- Fixed resetting to the default settings.
- Custom fullscreen mode is now disabled if the last video mode was windowed.
- Improved color emphasis effect & MMC3 IRQs.
- Improved $2006 behaviour, old hacking removed.
- Removed restriction for running only 1 instance of RockNES.
- Frame rate (FPS) is no more displayed in the program window.
- Added mappers 190 (Magic Kid GooGoo) and 206.
- Added full NES palette viewer, including all the color styles palettes!
- Added 5 new color styles, related to R-G-B swapping.
- Added Game Genie codes, up to 10.
- Added NSF track number display on-screen.
- Another huge code cleanup and fixes, plus minor changes and improvements.

Download: RockNES v5.50
Source: Here

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