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EmuCR: V9t9V9t9 (2017/03/05) is released. V9t9 emulates the TI-99/4A on your computer. It supports: Configurable PC controller to joystick mapping ; RS232/PIO output and TI Impact Printer emulation ; Reading/writing cassette recordings to files ; Drag and drop / auto-detection of modules, disks, demos, 99/4A files ; Ability to save/restore sessions ; Module formats: V9t9, MESS (.rpk/.zip), PBX banked modules ; Disk support (files in native filesystem, sector images, track images) ; TMS 9918A video ; TMS 9919 sound ; TMS 5220 speech ; Demo playback and recording support ; UCSD P-Code System ; Rudimentary debugger ; Image import ; "Realistic" rendering of the monitor

V9t9 (2017/03/05) Changelog:
New/published features:
* Allow configuring PC controller to joystick mappings
* Extract image importer into its own tool (v9t9.sh -tool ConvertImages), with enhanced support for various 4/8/15/16 bit depth modes and palettes
Bug fixes:
* Allow editing the way controllers map to joysticks (bug #13)
* Fix detection of keyboard in certain modules (bug #9)
* Find P-Code binaries more reliably (bug #8)
* Improve keyboard mapping for joysticks (bug #6)
* Add help to v9t9.sh
* If v9t9 crashes on Linux, due to PulseAudio issues, you can pass -Dv9t9.sound.java=true to use Java implementation
* Avoid cases where configuration settings are lost on macOS
* Fix bug in X instruction
* Various disassembler/assembler fixes

Download: V9t9 (2017/03/05)

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