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EmuCR:ZsnexBox ZsnexBox v3.7 240P is released. ZsnexBox is a port of the Zsnes Super Nintendo emulator to Xbox. ZsnexBox features fullspeed emulation, excellent sound, excellent compatibility, and many features the PC port doesn't even have. ZsnexBox supports the Xbox lightgun or the gamepad for Superscope games, force feedback/rumble on a per game basis, cheat searching, PAR/Game Genie support, 3 built in cheat databases with over 10,000 cheats/tips/codes, full HD support, DSP4 emulation, an enormous amount of options that can be tweaked, a built in music player supporting several classic video game formats (Genesis, SNES, NES, etc…), and comes with 3 excellent skins by Neverwill.

ZsnexBox v3.7 240P Changelog:
-Added forced resolution output of 256x224 (Original SNES resolution)
-Progressive scan with HD pack Interlaced with SD pack
Only use this version if your a purist and want your SNES emu to look original. It will only output 256x224
Updates by Tristan "SPPV" Gummow

Download: ZsnexBox v3.7 240P

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  1. Lol

    "Excellent sound"

    Not sure what year they're in.

  2. The source link is bullshit and Id appreciate if you removed it. Source will be available soon and via my mediafire not some douchey site like XBINs


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