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EmuCR:Agat EmulatorAgat Emulator v1.28 is released. Agat Emulator is an Apple ][ and Agat 7/9 (soviet clones of apple) software simulation program for Win32.

Agat Emulator v1.27 Changelog:
Fixed printing to TIFF, text, and raw files.
Control manually when new pages are created while printing to TIFF and Windows printer.
Added support for .pds images traditionally used for Pravetz emulation.
Disk images are now opened in window mode instead of fullscreen when started from a shell association.
rgb-monitor-16.pal is fixed to support the "bright black" color.
PRAVETZ8A.FNT is replaced with three distinct variations: Bulgarian font pravetz8a8c_bg.fnt, font for exporting to Soviet Union pravetz8a8c_su.fnt, and a Variant version pravetz8a8c_uz.fnt.

Download: Agat Emulator v1.28
Source: Here

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