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EmuCR: BassNESBassNES v0.4.3 is released. An NES emulator written in Java. The emulator itself is pretty darn accurate. Boasting cycle accuracy and well timed components.

Currently supported mappers:
These mappers give a good mix of compatibility covering most games for the NES.

Extra Features:
* NSF Player (.nsf only)
* Controller input via Jinput
* Fully Customizable NTSC filter.
* Volume control on a per-channel basis.
* Audio Visualizer with an oscilloscope and piano keyboard
* Save States! (hotkeys are CTRL+(number key) to save and SHIFT+(number key) to load)
* A library version of the BassNES core is provided for inclusion in other projects. It includes everything and provides an interface for video and audio callback in the style of liberto. Documentation included.

System Requirements:
* Minimum 1.2 GHZ dual core for full speed.
Unimplemented (Planned) Features:
* More Mappers!
* FDS support
* Significantly tested PAL support (has experimental support)
* Debugging tools such as a memory, name table and pattern table viewers
* Continued optimization to reach goal of 0.86 GHZ as the minimum dual core cpu speed.

BassNES v0.4.3 Changelog:
I am now happy with the audio emulation. There have been a lot of improvements to the audio and there will be more audio features to come! Now on to the changes.
* The core can now do panning of different hardware channels between the left and right output channels.
* The core no longer returns single audio samples and instead returns whole arrays of audio data at once.
* There is now the option for a high quality sampling mode utilizing a full fledged Decimator.(Performance is roughly halved using it and the difference is quite hard to hear. So only use it if you want the very best!)
* More sampling rates are now supported. Lower sampling rates slightly increase performance when not using high quality sampling.
* A change was made to the triangle channel so that it doesn't output very high pitched frequencies.
* Various balancing changes between the different hardware channels.
* Massive clean up of the audio internals for easier maintainability. Despite the added audio processing there is no real performance loss.
* The display is no longer scaling images. Resulting in a small performance bump.
* Full per channel control of audio panning is available in the audio settings.
* Control of audio latency is now available in the audio settings.

Download: BassNES v0.4.3
Source: Here

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