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EmuCR: MednafenMedLaunch v0.5.8.0 is released. MedLaunch is a .NET (Windows only) front-end for the excellent Mednafen multi-system emulator. It is developed in C# .NET using the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

MedLaunch Features:
* Responsive GUI that allows for a wide range of monitor resolutions
* No installation required
* Local (SQLite) auto-generated database where all settings are saved
* Built-in games library (with system filters and dynamic search)
* ROM scanner (for games library import)
* Game data (images, manuals etc) scraping
* Automatic ROM detection based on NOINTRO & TOSEC DAT releases (so the games library is auto-populated with year, publisher etc. without having to scrape from an external source)
* Manual import of disk-based games (both single and multiple disk games with auto-m3u playlist generation)
* (Nearly) All Mednafen command line parameters available and configurable
* So far uses only Mednafen command line options (and not local configuration files)
* Per-system configuration options
* Built-in browser control with links to Mednafen help pages
* Built-in static netplay server selection along with the ability to specify a custom Mednafen netplay server to connect to

MedLaunch v0.5.8.0 Changelog:
* (Compatibility) - Implemented changes for the upcoming mednafen release
* (UI Change) - Removed the collapsable panels within Configs, Settings & Controls (as they were pretty pointless)
* (UI Change) - Configs, Settings & Controls panes now stack horizontally but scroll vertically (so the middle mouse button can be used to scroll the pane up and down)
* (BugFix) - Added some download timeout error handling
* (Enhancement) - Games library sidebar width is now resizable (by clicking and dragging the edge). Selected size persists across sessions
* (Enhancement) - ToolTips (text and image) now stay open until user moves the mouse away
* (Enhancement) - Background image can now be changed to one of your choosing. You can also set the image opacity and whether it is tiled or not
* (BugFix) - Fonts are no longer blurry

Download: MedLaunch v0.5.8.0
Source: Here

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