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Repeat v0.11 is released. Repeat is a lightweight NSF player for Linux and Windows. Requires SDL2.

Repeat v0.11 Changelog:
* Added -raw option for unfiltered and unresampled output.
* File loading rewritten, NSFe support added (no metadata yet).
* Fixed writes to $4003 and $4007 resetting the period counter.
* Fixed writes to certain APU registers not taking effect immediately.
* Misc APU optimizations and cleanups.
* APU fixes also applied to MMC5.
* Audio output rewritten; Linux version uses ALSA, Windows uses SDL 2.0.5 queues.
All that stands between this version and a source release is the GUI and emulator threads clobbering each other's stack space without synchronization or atomics. I'd rather not put that anywhere other people can copy it, because it's a really dumb thing to do, even if it does work perfectly.

Left/Right: change track
Enter: restart track
Space: pause
Tab: cycle display modes
Esc: quit

It also supports rendering to WAV files via the command line; type repeat -help for more information.

Download: Repeat v0.11

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