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X millennium T-Tune (2017/08/23) is released. X millennium T-Tune is a X1 Series Emulator for WIN.

X millennium T-Tune Changelog:
- Filter does not apply DirectDraw added
Environment also depends on Filter

· Addition of window size change
0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 times

· Sound quality improvement
Internal operation 16 bits → 32 bits
Leave PSG regardless of Use Puchi Noise Generator

· Volume adjustment (mixer) addition
Db setting If you set too large, sound crack
Overall volume with mouse wheel

· Others
Requires MMX
No Wait switching with application key
FD Item Japanese
Normal operation CPU 100% avoidance (No Wait uses 100%)
Ctrl + mouse wheel to change Skipline Light

· As a collection
· No claim / non-support

Download: X millennium T-Tune (2017/08/23)

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