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ZX81 v1.2.0 is released. ZX81 Emulator written in Typescript. The Sinclair ZX81 was by first computer, in 1982. It is one of those home computers very popular in the '80s and affordable (£49.95 in kit). Other very popular computers were the Commodore 64 and the Apple II but were far more expensive. The successor of the ZX81 was the ZX Spectrum. The ZX81 computer was based on a 8-bit processor (Z80A from Zilog or µPD780C from NEC) at 3.5 MHz with 1 KiB of RAM and 8 KiB of ROM. It was possible the buy a RAM extension (I had a 16 KiB one).

EmuCR: ZX81

Try Online: ZX81 v1.2.0

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