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CLK (2017/08/31) is released. CLK is an emulator for tourists that seeks best-in-class accuracy while minimising latency. So its aims are: single-click load of any piece of source media for any supported platform; with a heavy signal processing tilt for accurate reproduction of original outputs; that aims for the lowest possible latency; and 100% accurate emulations, naturally.

It currently contains emulations of the:
* Acorn Electron;
* Amstrad CPC;
* Atari 2600;
* Commodore Vic-20 (and Commodore 1540/1);
* Oric 1/Atmos; and
* Sinclair ZX80/81.

CLK (2017/08/31) Changelog:
A bug fix release, resolving:
a race condition that could cause all machines with audio output (i.e. everything except the ZX80 and ZX81) to crash the application when shutting down; and
a failure properly to establish initial state that could cause the Electron to fail properly to issue its media loading commands.

Download: CLK (2017/08/31)

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