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EmuCR: Emu71Emu71 v1.09 is released. Emu71 is an emulator for the HP71B calculator. It base on the sources of the famous HP calculator emulator Emu48 and is published under the GPL. The emulator is running on all Win32 platforms.

Emu71 v1.09 Changelog:

– improved KML keyword « Scale », can also upscale the background image now
– added KML keywords « Opaque » and « Icon »
– better emulation of bus arbitration when two or more modules share the same address space
– improved HPIL module simulation

The improvements of the HPIL module simulation in detail:
– added some standard HP71B device capabilities answering data (SDA), status (SST), accessory ID (SAI) or device ID (SDI) frames
– added Interface Clear (IFC) frame support, a CONTROL ON on the master HP71B force all attached HP71B, even if they are in controller mode, into device mode
– added file transfers as device from and to the loop
– added remote control
– added support of HPIL interrupts/events
– added HPIL request feature

Download: Emu71 v1.09
Source: Here

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