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EmuCR: fixNESfixNES Alpha v1.0.1 is released. This is a NES Emulator.

fixGB Alpha v1.0.1 Changelog:
-fixed various bugs
-heavily adjusted timings yet again in PPU (now previously problematic games work fine)
-finally properly implemented OAM and DMC DMA for more accurate CPU timing
-implemented NES OAM bug emulation required in some obscure games
-added support for mappers 12,19,76,88,95,112,118,119,154,206 and 210
-added N163 audio playback in nsf files and games that use it
corrected mirroring control in namco mapper

Controls right now are keyboard only and do the following:
Y/Z is A
X is B
A is Start
S is select
Arrow Keys is DPad
Keys 1-9 integer-scale the window to number
P is Pause
B is Disk Switching (for FDS)
O is Enable/Disable vertical Overscan

Download: fixNES Alpha v1.0.1

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