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EmuCR: GameEndGameEnd v0.8 Beta is released. GameEnd is an Emulation & Gaming Frontend for Windows (more platforms will be supported down the line). It supports any Emulator and your PC and Steam Games too. It's also 100% free and open source (the source code will be dropping soon).

* Auto download of metadata when importing your games doesn’t actually work at the moment. However, you can automatically download metadata for your game once imported. Go to your game list, right click a game and choose “edit”. You’ll see an option in the popup wizard to import metadata either from the scraper, or your hard-drive.
* User settings don’t save currently. Such as the zoom level. Your imported games and emulators will of course save.
* There may be bugs, there probably is. I feel it’s quite stable at present however. Based on feedback from our private testing group.
* If a platform is missing from the available platform options when importing a game, you need to go to Data/Platforms.json and add an entry for the said platform. This is only a temporary measure. The ability to add platforms via the wizard will be added shortly.
* Source code will be released either shortly, or after GameEnd is out of beta.
* If you’re a programmer, graphics designer or video creator and want to contribute to GameEnd, contact us on our forums or discord. There’s plenty of work to go around
* Some other things I may have forgotten.

GameEnd v0.8 Beta Changelog:
The project is in beta state. It is a little rough around the edges in certain areas, but certainly usable.

Download: GameEnd v0.8 Beta

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