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XM7dash V1.2L77aR36/V2.9L77aR36/V3.4L77aR36 are released. XM7' is an eXcellent fujitsu Micro seven emulator for 7 platforms.

XM7dash v1.2L77aR35/V2.9L77aR35/V3.4L77aR35 Changelog:
Fixed the following bug in the bubble holder unit in V1.
Fixed the initial value of the BMC command Register to 0. The same sub-window is changed to a no-command condition.
Fixed the point that some I/O ports cannot be read with write only.
Fixed the point that the status bit was different from some actual
Fixed the point that the current unit was different after the reset.
Fixed eject write protect information is not reflected immediately after media operation
Fixed: The specification that clears some I/O ports when the command completes is not reflected.
Implemented a mode that allows you to display the register information immediately before the completion of the command in the Debug Confirmation sub-window (right-click on the Sub-window)
Fixed the point that the current unit change timing after the page address change was different from the actual machine.
Fixed the incomplete implementation of the $0f initialization command.
Tentative implementation of other undefined commands
Fixed: The write-protect information in the B77 file was overwritten with write-protected information only when the reboot mount was restored.
V1 128kb Bubble Holder unit set default to OFF
Changed the name "Basic (back RAM) mode" in V1 to "Basic (DEBUG) mode"
The FM bubble connector and Z80 connector in V1 does not have extdet pins, but fixes a bug in which the EXTDET flag was ' 1 ' when the 32KB bubble holder unit and the PSG card were enabled.
Fixed the problem that the clock setting in FM-7/77 mode was displayed for $ FD00-BIT0 during FM mode in V1.
* FM is a standard 1.2 MHz, so the bit0 at this time is ' 0 ' and is different from the actual specifications. FM-77 considers 1.2 MHz mode to be a fm-7-compatible definition from the point where 2MHz is standard
Fixes a bug in which the $ fd04-bit2 (PE) in FM mode at V1 was always ' 1 ' (parity error occurred)
Fixed a bug in which the left click of a breakpoint did not correspond to a two-column display.
Added "all valid (N)" and "all Disabled (I)" to the breakpoint sub-menu
Added "slow level (S)" to the Behavior settings property. The operation mode setting is returned to the previous "high Speed (H)", "Slow (L)" only, the old V2/v3 specification and the switch of the old V1 specification at the time of [Slow (l
SHIFT + F11 shortcut mode changes to slow mode when operating mode is set to Low level (S).

Download: XM7dash V1.2L77aR36/V2.9L77aR36/V3.4L77aR36
Source: Here

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