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EmuCR: WiiUCEMU Graphic Packs (2017/10/10) is released. It is a Community Graphic Packs for Cemu. Cemu is a Nintendo Wii U emulator that runs commercial games. Highly experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on PC.

CEMU Graphic Packs Changelog::
* another bloom shader
stumbled on another bloom shader, which does 2x2 average and bright pass to make bloom spread wider.
now bloom should be a little larger.
* Merge pull request #102 from NAVras-Z/master
leaf AA yet to be restored, the files in repo used to be unedited ones by accident
* leaf aa yet to be restored
* [BotW] Add dummy FPS pack
Still need to get Xal's permission to upload it onto the repo.
* Rename Cheats to Modifications
* Splitted SM3DW and CTTT. Added partial DoF and Bloom fix.
Splitted Super Mario 3D World and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker as both are getting their own shaders. Both are partial due to mips which are hard to scale and due to the rarity of some of the bloom shaders (only in the latest world. Might fix them later but they're awfully long and weird)

Download: CEMU Graphic Packs (2017/10/10)
Source: Here

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