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EmuCR: Compukit UK101 SimulationCompukit UK101 Simulation v1.4.0 is released. Compukit UK101 Simulation is a simulation of Compukit UK101 hobby computer from the late 1970s/early 1980s. The program is written entirely in Java and should therefore run easily on most systems.

The simulation is reasonably complete and includes the following hardware elements:
- 6502 CPU
- RAM and ROM store
- Keyboard input
- VDU output
- Cassette tape storage

Compukit UK101 Simulation v1.4.0 Changelog:
- Allow setting of memory address for video, keyboard and ACIA
- "ram.xxxx" property to allow extra RAM blocks
- "eprom.xxxx" property to allow programmable ROMs
- Add EraseROM utility to erase or create a ROM image
- WEMON monitor included in package
- Improved audio encoding and decoding
- Add play/record indicator light to cassette recorder
- Allow filename to be specified when saving tapes on a Mac

Download: Compukit UK101 Simulation v1.4.0
Source: Here

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