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hakchi2 v2.21d is released. hakchi2 is a GUI for hakchi by madmonkey. This application can add more games (game ROMs) to your Nintendo Classic Mini or Famicom Mini. All you need is to connect it to a Windows PC via Micro-USB cable. No soldering or disassembling required.

hakchi2 Features
* Change any game settings (including command-line arguments)
* Fill all game data automatically using included database
* Automatically check for supported games
* Search for box art using Google Images
* Use Game Genie codes; includes Game Genie database
* Automatically patch problem games (patches for many popular games included)
* Upload hundreds of games at once
* Return to the HOME menu with a button combination instead of the Reset button
* Enable autofire A/B
* Simulate the start button on the second controller (for Famicom Mini)
* Disable seizure protection
* Allows to install user-mods to add more features (even support for SNES/N64/Genesis/etc., music replacement, themes, etc.)

Download: hakchi2 v2.21d

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  1. Клстер взломал эту какашку SNES MINI правда не все игры работают идеально нет звука посадка fps и т.д! да и при официальных играх такая же хрень упадка fps не работает vsyn при эмуляции игр.


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