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SNEmulDS v0.6b is released. SNEmulDS is partially based on SNEmul, a SNES emulator for DOS and linux, which was the cooperative work of archeide & v0x.

SNEmulDS v0.6b changelog
Coto: SnemulDS 0.6b - added ZIP support:The code was taken from NesDS, and changed some stuff so it could work with Toolchain Generic DS.
a) Every .zip file must be within root:/snes/ folder, where root is your sd letter.
b) The file extension must be renamed to .smc before compression.
c) The compressed file must use .zip (deflate) or .gz, and the compressed .zip must have 1 only file.
You will need the NintendoDS toolchain "toolchain generic" to build these sources.Follow the steps at: https://github.com/cotodevel/ToolchainGenericDS to set up the Nintendo DS "toolchain generic" toolchain, GNU licensed.
Now run "Make" inside SnemulDS folder, project should compile fine.
After building simply copy snemul.cfg and snemulds.nds to root of your SD, and enjoy.

to do:
fix Mode 0 (no transparency/broken)
fix memory leaks when games exceed the existing paging memory pool (6MB games)
thanks to:
Archeide for the emulator & source codeBubble2k for CPU coreGladius for Sound Core

Download: SNEmulDS v0.6b
Source: Here

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